Flying Flipper Superfly GT 42 is a Big, Floating Supercar

For the most part, powerboat design orthodoxy has stayed relatively static for the last 30-plus years. However, there have been a few exceptions during that time, the latest coming from the fertile minds of the designers at Red Yacht Design and Swedish boat builder Flying Flipper. It’s called the Superfly GT 42, and its rakish styling puts thoughts of supercars (particularly the ones with angry bulls on their emblems) in our minds. And the performance does too, with multiple inboard and outboard power options including a twin gas and single electric outboard hybrid setup, or a triple Seven Marine outboard array providing a total of 1,881 horsepower.

The makers of the Superfly GT 42 say that most potent propulsion configuration can push this vessel to a dizzying 65 knots. At those speeds, you’ll be thankful for the fully-enclosed bridge (which can be opened to the elements via a giant sliding sunroof)…though people below deck trying to relax on the V-berth or use the full-size galley and bathroom will likely still object to the skipper running wide open. Hey, we never said this boat obviated the need for compromise of any sort…

Source: Flying Flipper