This New Miata is Mega Muscular [w/ Video]

It’s a well-proven formula: Take a big, brawny American V8, stuff it into a small imported roadster, and try not to laugh like a lunatic when you hit the gas pedal, lest you lose concentration long enough to fuse the car and yourself with the nearest tree/lamppost/bus shelter/etc. And one company that has made its name cramming V8s into small sports cars – specifically the Mazda MX-5/Miata/Roadster – is Colorado’s Flyin’ Miata, which is now ready to start working its magic on the new fourth-generation ND-chassis version of the lovable Japanese runabout.

For a base price of $49,995 (plus the cost of a donor 2016 or ’17 Miata), Flyin’ Miata techs will install a custom crossflow radiator, a differential out of a 2015 Camaro, custom heavy duty driveshaft and halfshafts, a FOX Racing suspension kit, a big brake kit, a hydraulic power steering system, a lifetime-warranted stainless steel exhaust system and other hardware needed to get the most out of the 430 horsepower 6.2L Chevrolet LS3 V8 and Tremec 6-speed manual transmission. For added cost, Flyin’ Miata can also install the eRod version of the LS3 so you have a better chance of passing emissions inspections (though we’re quite certain that if you were to bring one to a California smog check, Mary Nichols herself would sentence you to 20 years hard labor in a Central Valley gulag/organic kale farm) or a 525 horsepower Chevrolet Performance LS376/525 crate motor.

Regardless of which engine you pick, Flyin’ Miata will make sure that the new engine works with the stock gauges, and that you still have working air conditioning, ABS and other features. Naturally, the company will also convert the pseudo-coupe MX-5 RF, and it has confirmed that it has taken delivery of an ND-based Fiat 124 Spider. Mmmm…a Japanese-made sports car with an Italian badge and an American V8 under the hood. What a time to be alive.

Source: Flyin’ Miata