Five Future Classic Cars

From time to time, an automobile will come along that you know straight away will be a classic. Other times, it can be difficult to predict and a car will take the entire industry by surprise. When you can identify what will be a future classic, it enables you to buy it before the price inevitably skyrockets (you also get to brag that you had one before it was cool). This can also be an excellent way to make a fair amount of money if you act quickly.

Here are 5 cars that could become classics in the near future:

Volkswagen Lupo GTi

Made by VW between 1998 and 2005, this compact car that is packed full of character was once the entry point to their range and many claimed that it was the successor of the legendary Golf GTi. It is much less common to see on the road than the Golf GTI, but it is a much more affordable version and one that is sure to reach classic status one day.

Mazda MX-5 Mk1

Nearly 30 years old, the Mazda MX-5 Mk1 is almost at classic status now and is one of the most popular roadsters of recent times, yet you can still pick one up for affordable prices. Due to its age, it is easy to see becoming rarer and rarer – this means that now is a great time to purchase one as it will soon rocket in value.

Porsche 944

The front-engined Porsche 944 is a rare sight to see, but it is one model which Porsche fans pine after. This is particularly true of the 944 Turbo, which is super fast and has a cool 80’s style look with a sloping low bonnet and pepper pot wheels. They are currently still affordable if you can find one, but you can expect this to change in the near future.

Alfa Romeo Spider

The beautiful Alfa Romeo Spider from the mid 90’s is not as common sight as other models from the Italian manufacturer, but you can currently pick them up for a fair price when you know where to look, with second hand cars in Chertsey being a good starting point. The build quality improved in this era, so maintenance should not be a major issue.

Ford Focus RS Mk1

One of the most popular cars of recent times, the first generation of the RS came out in 1998 but many still sell for over £10,000. Even today, they still perform better than most in their class. The Mk3 recently arrived and the Mk2 is still rising in value, so now is the perfect time to get the keys to the original whilst you still can.