Only You Can Prevent Not Owning This Watch

As well-known anthropomorphic ursines go, Smokey Bear is probably the most square. He doesn’t steal pic-a-nic baskets, wear a blue duffle coat or riff on famous disco era crooners, but he does remind us all to be careful with combustible materials when in or near a forest. So to honor the safety-conscious ranger-hat-wearing mammal (and this year’s centenary of the United States National Park Service), outdoor gear company Filson has commissioned Detroit’s Shinola to produce a limited run of Smokey Bear watches.

Each of the 1,000 examples (priced at $1,000 each) consists of a 43mm stainless steel case with a brass PVD plated back displaying that particular watch’s individual production number, while the Argonite 715 quartz movement with date window is fronted by a dial featuring both 12- and 24-hour markings, and depictions of Smokey’s head and his timeless catchphrase: “Only you can prevent wildfires.” The Smokey Bear Watch comes mounted on a handsome brown leather strap, and arrives in a box containing a certificate of authenticity, a book about Smokey’s and Filson’s shared love for the outdoors, and six postcard-sized recreations of vintage Smokey Bear posters and print PSAs. Obviously, this isn’t going to appeal to every watch buff, but we’re confident Filson will be able to sell all 1,000 in fairly short order.

Source: Filson