Fiart Mare Jet Capsule is Sci-Fi for the Sea


If you have even a passing interest in science fiction, chances are you’ve done at least a little thinking about how your ideal starship would look. You’ve probably thought about what features it would have, as well, and hopefully one of those features is an escape pod. After all, you wouldn’t want to get into a firefight with a Gorglombian battle cruiser without having a way out in case a well-placed thyomide torpedo sent your field-reverser reactor into meltdown, would you? (Why are you looking at us like that? No, we did not get stuffed into lockers in high school…not daily, anyway…) Well, an Italian shipyard is ready to make your escape pod fantasy a reality.


The shipyard – located in Naples – is called Fiart Mare, and the vehicle is called the Jet Capsule. As the name suggests, this bizarre boat is powered by a jet-drive propelled by your choice of one or two gas engines, with an auxiliary electric motor to keep you moving in protected areas. Fiart Mare says the Jet Capsule will cruise from 25 to 38 knots (or about 28 to 43 mph), which isn’t warp speed, but a pretty good clip just the same.


Of course, the propulsion system is not the most unusual part of this machine’s story; that honor goes to the shape of it. The pod-shaped profile, cat-eye headlights and massive windows make this boat resemble some sort of alien shuttle craft. And it can do a whole lot of shuttling if you order it with the taxi or limousine interior configurations, though Fiart Mare offers two other interior layouts aimed at private operators, including one with a dinette and lavatory. Basically, the Jet Capsule is a full-size passenger van for the water that’s shaped like a spaceship. What’s not to love?

Source: Fiart Mare