Ferrari SP 275 rw Competizione Honors an Icon

In the early days (i.e. the first 15 or so years of the company’s existence), small-batch and one-off coachbuilt special Ferraris weren’t that unusual. But as safety regulations grew tighter and construction methods and materials evolved, producing such tailor-made machines proved less and less practical. Now, however, the pendulum has swung back the other way, with “factory customized” creations blessing the Maranello company with both fat profit margins and extra publicity (You’re welcome, by the way…). And the latest ultra-limited edition to emerge from the fertile minds of Ferrari’s styling department and Pininfarina is a tribute to one of the most coveted Prancing Horse products of the 1960s, if not all time.

It’s called the Ferrari SP 275 rw Competizione, the “275” being a nod to the iconic 275 GTB from which this F12-based beast’s fenders, headlights, rear quarter panels and other exterior items draw their stylistic inspiration. The 20” alloy wheels are a design unique to this car, while the searing yellow paint is a callback to the beloved Belgian-entered Ferrari race cars of the Ecurie Francorchamps team. Considering how crazy 275 GTB prices have gotten (though we’d hardly be surprised if the commissioner of this new model – whoever he or she may be – didn’t already own one of those), this might have actually been a cheaper way to bring home some of that 275 magic.

Source: Ferrari