My Ferrari Has Tats – F430 Calavera By Unique Sportcars & Novitec

Unique Calavera Ferrari F430

Ok, let me first just say that I am usually all for current trends in automotive design and finesse — with more horsepower, sleeker and lighter bodies, and sick new technology all the rage. But, uncharacteristically, as more and more cars now showcase tattoo art themes, I am severely disappointed by the decision-makers that choose to continuously billow a trend that was supposed to flame out back in 2005. Living in LA, where everyone is a wannabe rock star, I am beyond weary of the skull and crossbones tattoo art fashion staple.

Now that I have had a moment to vent, let me just say that the new joint effort by Unique Sportscars and superstar tuner Novitec Rosso, dubbed the “Calavera” Ferrari F430, is a lot more subtle and palatable than many of its predecessors, but still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The car’s artwork is done by renown airbrush master Knud Tiroch, a native of Europe who has done work for David Coulthard, ZZ Top and our very own Governator.

Calavera Ferrari F430

The Ferrari F430 Calavera does receive some very impressive upgrades including a 707 horsepower twin supercharged engine, which outdoes Novitec’s previous offering by 51 hp and is good for a 0 to 60 mph sprint time of 3.5 seconds. Top speed is listed at 216 mph. The engine compartment is now completely illuminated which is a very nice touch. The wheels have been resized up to 20×8.5 in front and 20×12 in rear. Novitec added a new front spoiler onto the factory apron and then jazzed it up with some Audi-esque LED daytime running lights. Unique Sportscars is offering 11 of the Ferrari F430 Calavera models to young hipsters or old farts. Price is unknown and that’s ok, because we don’t want to know.

Source: Unique Sportscars

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  1. Zack Chases Cars

    Wow. Why and wow. I was annoyed at the body, but the interior puts it in the trash for me. There are cars that this is appropriate for, even cars that can be enhanced by it. A Mustang Cobra with 900 hp and some skulls makes sense, their angry cars and their “Terminator” nickname already takes them halfway to a tattoo. But on a Ferrari, which has been painstakenly designed by the best design house in the world, where the paint is less important than the shape itself, it is a tragedy.
    The hood looks like a vinyl sticker or a press-on tattoo I had when I was 9. The skull hiding on the side is cool, if it’s on a Harley. The whole motif looks out of place on this car. I can imagine a 7 year old doing this after he learns cut and paste on his parents photoshop software. Ferrari lines, with the exception of a few, are usually subtle, sleek, curvaceous and beautiful. Putting a skull on the side breaks up the lines and flow of the car. It’s disruptive, and of course, tacky. I’m surprised it doesn’t say “Affliction” on the roof.

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