Ferrari Enzo Replacement Gets Rendered In Magnificent Fashion

Ferrari F150 Replacement

We’ve seen a number of renderings of the long-awaited Ferrari Enzo replacement, often referred to as code name F150, but none can hold a candle to this one by designer Josiah LaColla. We have no idea how close or far away this is from the actual vehicle itself, but regardless it is a pretty spectacular piece of work.

Ferrari F150 Rendering

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

While the real deal is still tight under wraps back in Italy, we photoshoppers have settled onto our Wacom tablets across the globe to try to piece together the identity of Ferrari’s latest Hypercar. These images are my best guess- and using a slew of references ranging from the cracks in the mule-car camouflage to Ferrari’s latest form language and the infamous leaked plaque, it’s indeed an educated guess.

Taking a step away from other rendered speculations, this version makes an attempt to get into Pininfarina’s shoes, keeping the body as clean as possible while integrating all the necessary ventilation. The mule’s peculiar front fender/door intersection indicates the F150 will have a very open-wheeled look and feel. How close is this to the real fast-plastic? The wait to know will be over in less than three weeks.

Source:Disegno LaColla