VIDEO: Ferrari 599 GTO Launches, Tunnel Blasts, Drifts, Oh My!

Ferrari 599 GTO

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video is a billionaire. The boys at AutoCar always provide an exemplary car review, but with this video of the new Ferrari 599 GTO they have outdone themselves. They quickly recognized that the sound of this car is more pleasurable to hear than any symphony or musician, “I’ve found a brand new instrument. It’s called a Ferrari 599 GTO.” That’s not a total surprise considering a 661hp V-12 resides under the hood.

So, rather than write that down in an eloquent article (as we did here), forcing us to use our imaginations, they made it the star of this video. Host Steve Sutcliffe does everything with this Ferrari we would do; launching, highway pulls, and a run through the hills of Italy. And trust me, you’ll want to stay til the end (not that you needed a reason) . Watch the video after the jump.

Source: Auto