Ferrari 458 Spider Golden Shark by Office-K is an Unnatural Predator

For wealthy Japanese car enthusiasts who want their standout rides to stand out even more, a visit to Office-K would be a wise place to start. Body kits, vibrantly-colored vinyl wraps and snazzy wheels are this shop’s specialty. So it should come as no surprise that the Ferrari 458 Spider you see here features all those things, plus a little (okay, big) something extra.


The holographic gold vinyl wrap and Forgiato Aguzzo-M 22” wheels finished in pink gold plating are pretty wild, as are the sizable carbon fiber rear wing and front canards. But the vintage fighter plane style “shark mouth” on the nose (which gives the car its name, Golden Shark) is what really puts this fiddled-with Ferrari over the top. We dare say it might be the wildest Office-K creation we’ve yet featured, which makes us equal parts excited and worriedabout what they’ll come up with next…

Source: Office-K