A Fitting Ferrari 458 Farewell

The Ferrari 458 Speciale was almost certainly the last new naturally-aspirated V8 road car the company introduced, and what a way to go out: Almost 600 horsepower from the screaming 4.5L V8, plus less weight, better aero and other enhancements. But for one anonymous British 458 Speciale owner, those qualities just weren’t enough, which is why this particular example has been re-bodied to create a one-of-one called the 458 MM Speciale.

The reshaped skin – hand fabricated in aluminum – adds a lot more visual interest to the mid-engine coupe’s shape, particularly along the sides and in back. The blacked-out A-pillars are a nod to the iconic 288 GTO, while the pearly Bianco Italia paint and Italian tricolore stripes running along the top surfaces let those new contours pop. Inside, a new multimedia system and lush brown Cioccolato leather makes the cockpit more inviting than that of a regular Speciale, which presents a conundrum: The nice cabin and scorching performance makes you want to drive the 458 MM Speciale, but you can’t ogle the exterior whilst driving it. Makes us wonder if there’s a category of trivialities beyond “first world problems.”

Source: Ferrari