Ferrari 458 Italia: Maranello Releases More Photos, Details & Video

Ferrari 458 Italia

With the Frankfurt Motor Show quickly approaching, Ferrari is kicking things into high gear, revving up to the official debut of the 458 Italia with more and more images and information each week. Today, the company released another batch of photos, the first images of the car in action, along with a video of Paolo Pininfarina discussing the styling of the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Ferrari has taken a page out of its Formula One racing book and created a true driver’s oriented cockpit by eliminating all of the steering column stalks and moving as many commands and functions to the steering wheel itself. As such, turn signals, headlights, flashers and windshield wiper controls have all been relegated to the steering wheel boss.

Secondary functions such as the stereo have been placed just behind the steering wheel with the gearbox paddles elongated for use at any angle. The shock absorber setting control has also been moved next to ‘Engine start’ button for easier accessibility.

A small pod to the right of the steering wheel handles all of the infotainment while a second pod to the left holds cruise control, video settings for the TFT screen and the on-board computer interface.

The Ferrari 458 Italia features a Vehicle Dynamic Assistance monitor that keeps tabs on the operating temperatures and tolerances for the engine, gearbox, brakes and tires. Three status settings – WARM-UP (operating temps are too low), GO (just right) and OVER (cooked), give you direct indications as to where things currently stand.

Source: Ferrari