Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spider is Knock-You-off-Your-Tuffet Pretty

It’s easy to understand why the Ferrari 275 GTB caused a sensation when it was introduced in 1964. Its Pininfarina-designed, Scaglietti-built body was – and still is – centerfold-grade beautiful, incorporating 250 GTO and 250 LM styling cues (including that staggering wraparound windshield). So when Ferrari’s U.S. distributor Luigi Chinetti convinced Scaglietti to build a handful of roadster versions in 1967 and ’68, it was no surprise that the resulting 275 GTS/4 NART Spider (“NART” standing for Chinetti’s North American Racing Team) emerged as one of the most attractive open top cars under the sun. And with the updated DOHC version of the 3.3L V12 under the hood, the mere 10 NART Spiders that were produced (Chinetti originally envisioned a 25-car run, but underwhelming sales put paid to that.) performed as brilliantly as they looked.

This particular example, chassis number 11057, is the 10th and last one built (and the last Ferrari 275 of any body style), and the only one that didn’t make the trip over to this side of the Atlantic. Originally gray over black, it was later repainted dark red (like the NART Spider Faye Dunaway’s character drove in the original 1968 The Thomas Crown Affair, and which inspired co-star Steve McQueen to buy his own Spider) and fitted with a tan interior, though it does retain the original engine and transmission. RM Sotheby’s will be auctioning this dream machine at its Monaco sale on Saturday, May 14, where it is expected to bring between about $21 million and $26 million. Surely you can figure out which of your mansions you can sell to raise the funds between now and auction day…

Source: RM Sotheby’s