Red Bull F1 pit stop

Fast Work, Slow Motion: The Anatomy of a Red Bull F1 Pit Stop [Video]

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Formula 1is a sport full of extremes: The biggest budgets. The quickest, most agile cars. The most exotic venues (Monaco, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, etc.). And oh yes, the fastest pit stops. Four-tire changes under three seconds are a routine occurrence, which is amazing considering they are performed by about 20 men working just inches apart.

To get a fuller appreciation of just how intricate this ballet is,Red Bull Racing– the team that has won the last threeFormula 1Constructor’s Championships, and the last threeDriver’s ChampionshipswithSebastian Vettel– has shot a recent practice pit stop in slow motion. It really is amazing how all those mechanics manage to time their movements exactly right and get the new tires on securely. If you ask us, F1 pit stops (or pit stops in any form of racing, honestly) could be a sport unto itself.

Source: YouTube