Chris Pfeiffer Akropovic factory video

Factory Tour Tricks: Go in Search of Akrapovic with Stunt Rider Chris Pfeiffer [Video]

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Question time: If you worked for a company and were tasked with creating an informal factory tour video suitable for posting on the company YouTube channel, how would you go about making it stand out from the herd? Would you turn it into some sort of experimental theater piece? Or maybe casta bikini-clad babeas the tour guide? Or, perhaps, you would letmulti-timemotorcycle stunt riding championChris Pfeifferhoon around the production facility and follow him with camera equipment.

The folks atAkrapovic, a respected manufacturer of performance exhaust systems for both motorcycles and cars, chose that third option when making a video of their production facility and headquarters in that hotbed of speed part manufacturing…Slovenia? Of course, the fact that Akrapovic is a sponsor of Herr Pfeiffer and hisBMWmotorcycleprobably weighed heavily on that decision. In any case, sit back and enjoy watching Chris dance with thatBeemeras only he can.

Source: YouTube