Facheris Design Maximus Drops Jaws Like Anchors


It seems like if you’ve seen one mega-yacht, you’ve seen them all. The overwhelming majority of these vessels that are commissioned by people with “F*ck you and the horse you rode in on” money look pretty much like scaled-up versions of the garden variety motor yachts balding senior partners of law firms buy on which to live with their mail-order “companion” from the Ural foothills after Mrs. Senior Partner kicked them out of the house for doing one line of blow too many out of the small of said “companion’s” back. Moving on…


As it turns out, Facheris Design – a studio based in Bradenton, Florida – has had enough of these me-too peewee private cruise ships and has designed the vessel you see here. Dubbed the Maximus, this 330-foot palace of the waves features a low profile that avoids the typical “wedding cake” superstructure to cut a sleek, almost sporty profile. However, the Maximus is hardly a speedboat (even though its slippery hull shape and diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system – augmented by solar panels built into the superstructure – will certainly help it get moving with some authority); its main focus is luxury, and lots of it, with the wide-open floorplan of the main deck (made possible by extensive use of super-light-yet-super-strong composite materials), the five-star galley and dining hall, and the five fully-furnished and fully-equipped private suites ranging in size from 400 to 800 square feet to name just a few of the onboard amenities. There’s also a helicopter pad and two tenders – each with their own dry dock aboard Maximus when not in use – for whisking guests onto and off of the boat.


Will Maximus make it past the concept rendering stage? That’s entirely dependent on whether or not there’s a gazillionaire out there who wants a mansion-sized yacht that won’t blend in with the herd when docked to watch Formula 1 in Monaco and Abu Dhabi. We’re betting Facheris Design won’t have to spend a tremendous amount of time searching for such an individual…

Source: Facheris Design