FAB Design Terso McLaren MP4-12C Spider is an Apricot Harlot

FAB Design Terso McLaren MP4-12C Spider front 3/4 view

If we were in a position to buy a new supercar (and wanted to do so, rather than spending that money on a herd of cheap but fun and/or interesting old cars), it’s extremely likely we’d choose the McLaren MP4-12C Spider. It’s basically just as stiff as its coupe sibling, and has the same peppy yet relatively economical engine and chassis dynamics that you could live with every day. The only real difference is a folding hardtop for getting the most out of a sunny (but not scorching hot) day here in SoCal.

Unfortunately, that folding hardtop (and all of the factory-installed color combinations and options) can only allow for so much differentiation from other droptop McLarens. Thank Denny Hulme’s burly, balding ghost, then, that FAB Design has concocted an upgrade package for this carbon-tubbed cabrio called Terso.

FAB Design Terso McLaren MP4-12C Spider side view

The Terso transformation starts with a bold body kit. New front and rear bumpers (the latter incorporating triple tailpipes), wider fenders, new side intake inserts, and a fixed rear wing in addition to the stock retractable spoiler. Wheels are three-piece alloys measuring 20” across, finished with black centers and matte orange (to match the body) rims, and stuffed into Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tires.

Climb aboard and you’ll find a cabin drenched in considerably more leather, Alcantarra, carbon fiber and aluminum than stock. FAB Design also fits a new steering wheel, and custom floor mats. There’s a lot of orange, a lot of black, and a lot of stuff to make you go, “Oooh…”

FAB Design Terso McLaren MP4-12C Spider interior view

The engine upgrades, on the other hand, will elicit far, far different reactions from driver and passenger. The 3.8L twin-turbo V8 is treated to a remapped ECU, and it now breathes through a stainless steel sport exhaust system. The result is 671hp and 527 lb.-ft of torque. Not huge increases over stock (616hp and 443 lb.-ft), no, but it should be enough to draw a Musbergerian “Whoa!” out of most people.

And even if no performance changes register with your ears or your tush, they’ll definitely register with the stopwatch. FAB Design reckons the Terso will hit 62 mph from rest in 3 seconds flat, and max out at 213 mph. Not even Cousin Itt’s golden locks can stay damp at that speed.

FAB Design isn’t saying what all the Terso bits and bobs will cost, but bet on it adding a significant percentage to the cost of a 12C Spider. But you know what? We’re alright with that.

Source: FAB Design