Jaguar F-Type video

F-ing Sweet: XCar’s Alex Goy Samples the Jaguar F-Type [Video]

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A lot has happened sinceJaguarbuilt its last front-engined, two-seat, proper sports car: The Soviet Union fell, the NASA Space Shuttle program came and went, ElvisandMichael Jackson died, and the brand has been owned by two companies based in two former British colonies on opposite sides of the planet. Oh, and competitors likeMaserati,PorscheandMercedes-Benzhave had an arseload of time to establish themselves as the dominant players in the market segments once dominated by theE-Typeand itsXK-seriespredecessors.

So, is theJaguarF-Typea textbook case of better late than never?XCarpresenter (pardon our English-English)Alex Goycertainly seems to think so. And we don’t think it’s due to a case of patriotic chest-thumping, either. To us, the F-Type looks and – especially in maximum-firepowerV8 Sform – sounds just-this-side of pornographic. However, we’ll reserve final judgment until we try one out for ourselves. You know where to find us, Jaguar USA press office…

Source: YouTube