Essen Motor Show 2009: AC Schnitzer BMW 123d Police Package [w/VIDEO]

AC Schnitzer BMW 123d Police Package

As we all know, or have heard, the German autobahn is the mecca of motoring for high-performance enthusiasts. For many long stretches of road there are no speed limits with the only exceptions coming by way of junction points, construction zones or areas where noise or pollution are problematic. With a highway system where extreme speeds are the norm, a special type of patrol car is needed for law enforcement. Every year the Essen Motor Show is home to the annual Tune It Safe! program and showcases a variety of police cars jazzed up by various tuners to promote safety in the industry. This year, AC Schnitzer was commissioned by BMW to create a police car concept based on the BMW 123d Coupe.

The BMW 123d Coupe is an unlikely pursuit vehicle with just a small twin-turbo, 2.0 liter 4 banger putting out 204 hp. Therefore, AC Schnitzer went to work by boosting output to 241 horsepower with 354 lb-ft of torque. Styling tweaks include a front splitter, rear wing and roof spoiler, chrome tailpipes and sport mirrors along with a set of larger AC Schnitzer wheels. The BMW E82 has been dropped 30mm and rides on a new suspension system. The interior benefits from Recaro racing seats, lots of carbon fiber trim and components, a sports steering wheel and aluminum accents such as the pedal set and foot rest.

And of course, this BMW 123d Coupe comes outfitted with custom police-car livery, flashing lights and all of the other law enforcement accoutrements. For us average Joe’s, all of the AC Schnitzer parts and components are available for the BMW 1-series (minus the po-po getup).

TUNE IT! SAFE! Police BMW 123d by AC Schnitzer:

Souce: AC Schnitzer