BBi Autosport Project Nasty Porsche 911

Enter “Project Nasty”: Roughing It in BBi Autosport’s Bantamweight ’85 Porsche 911 [Video]

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When shopping for a tuning shop in the Western United States to make your water-cooledPorsche 911(i.e.996and997) even more of a thrill ride (particularly if it’s a factory-boostedTurboorGT2), you can’t do a whole lot better thanBBi Autosportin Huntington Beach, California. However, having said that, the company hadn’t popped it’s air-cooled 911 (993and earlier) cherry until recently. But boy oh boy, was BBi’s first time one for the ages.

The owner of this heavily modified1985Porsche911 CarreraBBi Autosportco-ownerJoey Seely– essentially wanted the antithesis of the majority of the cars he and the team put together for customers: Spartan, simple, light-on-its-feet and naturally aspirated, in addition to the aforementioned air-cooled powerplant. And after watching it in action in the latest episode ofTuned, theMatt Farah-hosted show on the YouTube-onlyDrivenetwork, we’re convinced this Whale-tailed temptress – provocatively nicknamed“Project Nasty”– meets all those objectives and more.

Source: YouTube