Emmanuel Bouchet EB02 States its Case

Emmanuel Bouchet might not be the oldest or best known name in premium watchmaking, but it’s certainly one of the most respected within the industry. The man behind the name and company spent more than two decades designing watches for some truly elite brands, and the reputation of his own firm is rising rapidly thanks to timepieces like its latest offering, the EB02.

Built in and around a 39 mm case in your choice of white gold or rose gold, the EB02 incorporates a domed sapphire crystal that accentuates the three dimensional nature of the dial (available in black lacquer and mother of pearl, as well as custom colors according to some reports) and subdials, as well as the three optional diamonds “floating” in the lower right quadrant. Power (specifically 45 hours’ reserve worth) comes from the EB89F, which holds the distinction of being the first automatic movement put into production by the Emmanuel Bouchet brand. Of course, the first of something seldom comes cheap, and the EB02 is no exception: The standard version is priced at about $49,300, while the one with the trio of diamonds will cost you roughly $56,500.

Source: Emmanuel Bouchet