Embraer Skyacht One is Something Very Special in the Air [w/ Videos]

Most of us (even those of us with zero interest in entering) have probably given at least some thought to what we’d do if we were the lone winner of this weekend’s $800-million-plus Powerball drawing. Quite a few of you would probably spend a chunk of the winnings on travelling around the world. You could certainly do so by flying commercial, but Emirates and its rivals don’t send their private-suite-equipped A380s to every elongated strip of pavement on the planet. No, what you’ll need is a private jet. They don’t have enough range, you say? Here’s one that does.

It’s called the Embraer Skyacht One, and it is the Brazilian aviation company’s love letter to 0.1-percenters around the world. It measures roughly 119 feet long and 35 feet tall, with a 94 foot wingspan and a pair of GE engines dishing out 18,500 lb.-ft of thrust each to lift it up to its Mach 0.82 (about 630 mph at sea level) top speed and 41,000 ft operational ceiling for distances of up to 4,600 nautical miles. The Skyacht One is basically identical to the Lineage 1000E, Embraer’s largest and most luxurious executive jet; for a lot of plutocrats, that’s good enough.

The Skyacht one, however, is for people who feel the “regular” Lineage 1000E just isn’t exclusive enough. It features a lavish interior designed by former Disney “imagineer” Eddie Sotto and his firm, Sotto Studios, and is equipped with a conference room trimmed in brass, gold, silver, platinum and mahogany, a main cabin with a chesterfield sofa and cocktail bar, and a master suite with attached bathroom and shower. All those amenities and capabilities can be yours for a mere $83 million.


Source: Embraer