Embraer Manhattan is an Airborne Salute to a Bygone Big Apple Era

One of the many, many perks of being among the ranks of the super rich is having access to private jets. Whether you own one outright, own a piece of one while some loaded buddies own the rest, or just charter one when needed or wanted, flying without the prospects of being fondled by the TSA or being seated next to a screaming infant holds appeal to people of all social and economic standings. However, even in this (Warning: Hokey pun incoming.) rarefied air, some bizjets are more equal than others, and the latest offering Brazilian aviation giant Embraer is more equal than most.

Called the Manhattan by its maker, this 118’11” (with a 94’3” wingspan) bird looks fairly nondescript on the outside, but once you’re aboard…oh man, are you in for a treat! Art Deco is alive and well in here, rendered in rich mahogany paneling with brass and gold trim within the Cloud Club, a lounge space inspired by New York’s own Chrysler Building. When it’s time to dine, saunter into the Crystal Room, which seats up to six people, and when you aren’t eating, you can always watch the world below scroll by through the panoramic “city loft” window or stretch out on the bed in the master suite near the tail. For $80 million (and up, depending on options), you too can feel like you’re in a film noir miles above the earth (Just go easy on the actual murder as a plot device, okay?).

Source: Embraer