Edo Competition Ferrari ZXX is a 950 Horsepower Survivor

If we had a nickel for every time we heard the phrase “Every cloud has a silver lining,” we’d probably have enough money to buy a few dozen pounds of actual silver. However, even we will (grudgingly) admit that sometimes unfortunate circumstances can open the door for good things to happen. Like getting a concussion and the CT scan uncovering a brain tumor thathasn’tyet reached the advanced/inoperable stage, or meeting your future spouse when you both serve on the jury of the most boring criminal case ever (Yes, ever.) for three months.

Now Zahir Rana, the Kenya-born owner of ZR Exotics in Calgary, Alberta, has a silver lining story of his own. You see, last year he was driving his personal Ferrari Enzo (which had been modified by Edo Competitioninto an XX Evolution) in the Targa Newfoundland when he lost control and skidded into a saltwater lake. Rana and his co-driver weren’t hurt, and there wasn’t a massive amount of crash damage sustained by the extra-fast Ferrari, but as we all know, water (particularly saltwater) and cars don’t get along particularly well. As a result, Rana sent the car back to Edo Competition’s workshop in Germany for repairs…and a few other things.

Edo Competition Ferrari Enzo ZXX rear 3/4 view

After stripping the car down to the bare monocoque and replacing all the wiring and parts that were starting to or about to corrode, Edo Competition fitted the car with a new nose, new rear bumper, and revised stripe and lettering treatment over the yellow paint. The roof scoop and Ferrari FXX style rear wings and high-mounted exhaust outlets have been retained, and new wheels have been fitted.

And even though the mid-mounted V12 was making about 850hp before the crash, Rana decided Edo might as well boost it by another 100hp as long as it was in their possession. Yes, children, this mustard monster now makes 950hp. In fact, when you consider the appearance revisions and power upgrades as an ensemble, it’s no surprise the car has been given a new name: ZXX.

Unfortunately, not much more about the ZXX is known, nor are there more pictures, as it’s currently on its way back to Canada and the hands of ZR Exotics. Hopefully they’ll have more photos (and maybe video, perchance?) of it when it returns to the Great White North.

Sources: Edo Competition, ZR Exotics