Echo Yachts Project Echo is an Exceptional Explorer

Despite being in a country that’s completely surrounded by water (and also happens to be its own continent), you sure don’t hear that much out of Australia’s yacht building industry relative to its European counterpart. But whatever the makers of boats Down Under might lack in visibility, they make up for it with a knack for innovation and engineering excellence. Don’t believe us? Check out the Project Echo, the latest design from Echo Yachts in the Perth suburb of Henderson.

The Project Echo is, as you can see, a catamaran, which not only enhances stability, but also makes more room for launching and recovering submarines. And with a custom Caley launch and recovery system (LARS), a 12 ton crane and 40 metric ton deadweight carrying capacity, this 164-foot stunner can haul and support a primary sub, a backup sub and a landing craft with ease. As for human accommodations, Echo Yachts will gladly configure one of these boats to suit your wants and needs in terms of number and size of cabins, entertainment, electronics and more. Good on ya, mates!

Source: Echo Yachts