Tuned BMW E30

E30 Hairy: Turbocharged Early BMW 3 Series Serves up Cheap Thrills [Video]

[youtube width=”960″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adU1V9aiZqM[/youtube]

If there was an official car of theyuppiemovement of the 1980s (“yuppie” being a portmanteau of “young, “urban” – or “upwardly-mobile” – and “professional”),the second-generation BMW 3 Series(chassis codeE30) would absolutely, positively be it. Offered in the U.S. market in three body styles (sedan,coupeandconvertible; tragically, we never got thewagon) with a sizable selection ofinline-fourandinline-sixengines, the E30 had all the prestige and pleasant driving dynamics thatBMWbuyers expected, but at a price that wasn’t out of reach for someone who was fresh out ofWhartonand just starting out ata doomed S&L.

But, as the old saw goes, that was then and this is now; today, non-M3E30s in average condition are cheaper than a reality show ratings booster stunt, and surprisingly plentiful. Those two attributes are great news for folks who like what young NevadanKameron Bakerhas done with his hand-me-down’89 325is two-door. As you can see, it’s turbocharged, flared, slammed and all kinds ofsick.

Source: YouTube