Volkswagen “Take on Me” ad

Drawn to Nostalgia: Volkswagen Ad Riffs on Iconic a-ha Music Video [Video]

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We haven’t taken any classes on marketing, but we’d venture to guess that one of the first things that gets taught in said classes is that appealing to consumers’ sense of nostalgia tends to work like gangbusters. Time and again, reminding potential customers of happy days gone by softens most of them up (even some really, really jaded ones) to the idea of purchasing your product or service. Why else would so many companies adopt this strategy so often?

The latest example of a business tugging at the heartstrings of people with fond memories of life back in the day is Volkswagen. Now VW of America is certainly no stranger to clever adverts, and this one is no different. It goofs on one of the most recognizable music videos ever made: The one for the 1986 a-ha hit “Take on Me.” Not familiar with it?Take a look at the original hereso y’all have some context for this commercial. If you need us, we’ll be playing with the Passat configurator on Volkswagen’s site…

Source: YouTube