Jason Britton Kawasaki ZX-6R stoppie

Don’t Try This at Home: Jason Britton Hoons the New Kawasaki ZX-6R [Video]



We’re all familiar with those t-shirt-wearing knuckleheads who like to pop wheelies on theirmotorcycleswhile clogging up the diamond lane on the highway, right? Of course we are. There exists a certain temptation to call these yahoosstunt riders. Don’t give in to that temptation; they’re merelysquidsliterally and figuratively taking their act on the road.

Jason Britton, on the other hand, is no squid. You might recognize him as the host ofSuper Bikes!, a program that aired on the soon-to-go-bye-byeSpeednetwork, but he’s also one of the top professional stunt riders in the country, if not the world. And in this video fromMotorTrend’s“On Two Wheels”series, not only does JB demonstrate his amazing skills, but also his new2013 Kawasaki ZX-6Rand the modifications he’s made to it. And oddly enough, the setting appears to be the parking lot ofKawasaki’s U.S. headquarters. But you know what they say: One man’s parking lot is another man’s playground.

Source: YouTube