DMC LaFerrari FXXR front doors open view

DMC Ferrari LaFerrari FXXR is a Wicked What-If

DMC LaFerrari FXXR front view

It wasn’t all that long ago that making cosmetic revisions to a car was a hit-and-miss affair. After all, the only way to see how the finished product would look was to, well, create the finished product. Sure, it was and still is possible to place small color swatches on the car, or make a foam or cardboard mock-up of the new spoiler or side skirts, but to get a definitive visualization of how the modifications will look, you had to sack up and do it to it.

Thank goodness Adobe Photoshop and other image manipulation programs have been invented since then, huh? Modern pixel-shuffling software allows you to dramatically alter the appearance of any photograph of any vehicle without having to even pick up a sanding block, plasma cutter, impact wrench or any other tool. And more importantly, you don’t have to spend any money to preview these alterations (other than the initial outlay for the software). Those two benefits are just some of the reasons German car magazine AutoBild asked German tuner DMC to render what its take on the latest Ferrari hypercar, the LaFerrari, would look like.

DMC LaFerrari FXXR side view

Naturally, the resulting concept is quite striking. The DMC designers added a plethora of intake ducts and extractor vents to the front, rear and sides of the car to improve thermal management (Not a bad idea with that screaming V12 and hybrid system on board.). They also redesigned the front grille and splitter assembly to accommodate the Prancing Horse badge, added a rooftop intake scoop and rear wing, winglets behind the doors, replaced the adjustable rear diffuser flaps with more conventional diffuser pieces, and installed black multi-spoke wheels.

DMC LaFerrari FXXR rear view

The front trunk lid has been recontoured and partially painted black, as have the side coves. The taillight lenses are smoked, and there’s a big yellow banner across the top of the windshield that reads “LaFerrari FXXR by DMC.” If you ask us, it looks like a mash-up between a track day and a GT racing version of this new, most furious Ferrari.

Will this thing get built? It’s hard to say for sure, but considering 499 LaFerraris will be built, it wouldn’t surprise us if one buyer saw these renderings and said, “You know, that looks pretty sweet.” Watch this space…

DMC LaFerrari FXXR front doors open view

Source: DMC