DMC Affari Lamborghini Huracan left front 3/4 view

DMC Affari is a Red Hot Lamborghini Huracan

DMC Affari Lamborghini Huracan left front 3/4 view

The Gallardo is easily the best-selling car in Lamborghini’s history, so the new junior Lambo – the Huracan – has its work cut out for it in that regard. However, it also has some pretty big shoes to fill when it comes to popularity among tuners. The Gallardo helped take the idea of tuning the cars bearing the badge of the Raging Bull from almost unheard of (if not outright taboo) to something a high-end tuner that wasn’t hyper-loyal to a particular nameplate almost has to do to be taken seriously. And all signs point to the Huracan to keep that trend going.

DMC Affari Lamborghini Huracan right front 3/4 view

One such sign comes from the fertile minds at DMC, and takes the form of the car you see here. DMC calls this particular take on the Huracan the Affari, which is an Italian word for “affair.” That name starts making sense as you run your eyes over the sensuous red bodywork, which has been augmented with side skirts, a front splitter, rear diffuser, and a fixed rear wing, all in unpainted carbon fiber. The rather funky wheels measure 20” across for the front and 21” on the rear, and mesh well with the looks of the car.

DMC Affari Lamborghini Huracan rear 3/4 view

As for performance upgrades, the only one available initially will be an ECU tune that unlocks an extra few horsepower and pounds-feet of torque on top of the 601 horsepower and 413 lb.-ft the 5.2L V10 makes in factory trim. Of course, this being DMC, it’s only a matter of time before they develop some additional parts to elevate those figures to some jaw-slacking levels. And you know we can’t wait for that day…

DMC Affari Lamborghini Huracan front 3/4 view

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