Dirty Car Art By Scott Wade is Awesome!

Scott Wads Mona Lisa

We have all dabbled a little with drawing on dirty car windows with our fingers. Usually it takes the form of something obvious like “wash me” or an obscene gesture. But not Scott Wade. He has risen above the rest of our sophmoric humor to actually produce a unique art form with real brushes. Instead of a canvas, he uses dusty windows. Scott’s artwork spans the gammit from well known reproductions like the Mona Lisa and Dogs Playing Poker shown here to original creations.

Scott Wade Dogs Playing Poker

Scott’s descriptions of his artwork are interesting because of the complexities involved in achieving such imagery. Here is what he has to say about the above:

Adding the shading. The lighter tones are hard to achieve, since even the lightest stroke with the brush takes most of the dust off. Later, when more dust has built up, what was once very dark, will be a lighter “gray” shade. I mostly use a fan brush, and sometimes camelhair watercolor brushes, and bristle brushes for effect.

Scott Wade Toobin

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Source: DirtyCarArt.com