VIDEO: DiRT 3 Shows Off Gymkhana Mode, Makes It Look Easy

Dirt 3 Gymkhana Mode

This video is just a taste of the new racing mode being introduced in the upcoming DiRT 3, sequel to the critically acclaimed Colin McRae DiRT 1 & 2. Gymkhana is a specific type of racing similar to autocross, but it differs by requiring a number of drift-oriented stunts. As the video demonstrates, when done right, it looks absolutely amazing. And it looks even better in real life.

What may prove to be a problem for players, as I’m sure DiRT 3 developer Codemasters has already figured out, is that so much of racing revolves around feel. While other racers like Gran Turismo or Need For Speed push for more on-the-road, straightforward racing, DiRT was always about pulling off crazy stunts and looking great doing it. But events like Gymkhana may prove too difficult for gamers to really get a grip on, because especially with drifting, it’s the constant sideways acceleration that helps drivers determine proper steering. 

Still, if it works, holy crap we’re going to have a ton of great racing videos to show next year. DiRT 3 is set for release sometime in 2011.

Source: YouTube