Rob Primo and Ryan Tuerck drifting in Oregon

You Have Died of Drift-entary: Ryan Tuerck and Rob Primo Drift the Oregon Trail [Videos]

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For many members of our generation (a.k.a.Gen Y/Millenials/whatever hokey-ass term demographers and/or the mainstream media comes up with next) who call the United States home, some of their earliest encounters with a computer came in their elementary school’s computer lab. And, more often than not, it involved playing one of the earliest examples of “edutainment” software,The Oregon Trail. It’s the only game from personal computing’s formative years we can name off the top of our head that has become a pop culture touchstone. In fact, we’d be willing to bet a significant chunk of those of you born between, oh, let’s say 1982 and 1988, immediately got the reference we stuck in the headline of this article.

So it was only natural thatFormula Driftdriver (and featured personality on theNetwork AYouTube channel)Ryan Tuerckwould work “Oregon Trail” into the title of these videos that chronicle he and fellowFormula DstarRob Primodrifting a squiggly mountain road in the Beaver State. Is this stretch of tarmac part of theactualOregon Trail? Probably not. But whenTuerckis giving his new2JZ-swappedScion FR-Sthe beans, is that such a big deal?

Source: YouTube