This Custom Motorcycle has More of a BMW Connection than You Think

Generally, there isn’t anything particularly novel about building a stylish café racer out of a classic BMW motorcycle. But if you can get a current BMW Motorrad designer to help create said classic café racer, well, then you’ve got something special. That’s precisely what the team behind Diamond Atelier did by hiring Julian Weber to take part in the creative process that led to the Mark II Series.

Starting with a vintage 2-Valve Monolever bike with either an 800cc or 1,000cc flat-twin engine, Diamond Atelier fits a variety of custom and off-the-shelf parts to create the classic café racer look. What’s more, the shop is offering the 10 Mark II Series it plans to build in three stages of tune, adding things like more aggressive tires, bigger brakes, and a Wilbers rear shock custom tailored to the rider’s weight the closer you get to the roughly $30,000 Stage 3 package (Stage 2 and Stage 1 will set you back about $26,000 and $24,000, respectively.).

Source: Diamond Atelier