Deutsche Tourenwagen Monkeyschaft: Chris Harris Drives the BMW M3 DTM Racer [Video]

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The concept of racing cars based on run-of-the-mill everyday cars (or at least purpose-built racecars that look like them) is one that seems to have global appeal. TheBritish Touring Car Championshiphas a substantial following, as do theV8 Supercarsdown in Australia. And of course, we haveNASCARhere in the States, which is so big that every other form of racing is stuck living in its shadow. Germany has its homespun tin-top series – theDTM– that has legions of fans, but it does things a little differently than the others.

How differently, you ask? Well asChris Harrisfound out when he drove aBMW M3 E92DTMcar recently, a whole lot. For starters, it’s nothing like theBMWM3 that raced in American and internationalGT2/GTEcompetition; the chassis is a spec carbon fiber tub, and there’s way,waymore aerodynamic grip to be had. And that aero grip is behind the other big change: Super high limits for both braking and cornering.Chrismuses that although that might make for somewhat processional racing, it does make current generation DTM cars a blast to drive.

Source: YouTube