Forget Thrones; Here’s a Chair Fit for a 21st Century King

Theoretically, a chair is a chair is a chair. As long as it has a cushion for your bum and a backrest for your back opposed at an angle between 90 and 180 degrees (give or take), there shouldn’t really be a lot diversifying one tool for sitting from another. In practice, of course, all chairs are most certainly not created equal, and the new chair designed by Dr. David Wickett (the guy behind the David Hugh brand) and launched in partnership with Bang & Olufsen (Yes, the home audio company.) could well be the new holder of the title of “least equal.”

Dubbed Elysium, this radical recliner is intended by its makers to make you feel as close to weightless as someone can on solid ground. To accomplish this, the chair features a patented frictionless hinge system that allows gesture-controlled adjustment and reclining, while the one-piece seat utilizes a carbon fiber skeleton to which traditional upholstery springs, high-resilience and viscoelastic foams and Scandinavian leather (available in 70 colors) to provide optimum cushioning and support regardless of your or the chair’s position.

Only 20 Elysium chairs will be handmade at the David Hugh workshop in Cambridge, England, priced at a hefty $26,000 each. However, for that price, the chair does come with an individually-numbered gold plaque, and each one will be specially tailored to its buyer’s body. Very, very cool.

Source: David Hugh