Dartz Child Safety Seat is Literally Bulletproof


We just love Dartz, not so much for the actual products they build, but for their insatiable appetite for pushing the boundaries of sanity and taste. This is not to say, however, that the company is diametrically opposed to practicality: After all, its armored trucks and SUVs are great at carting VIPs through muddy and/or slushy war zones. Now Dartz wants to offer added protection for its smallest customers.


It is, quite simply, a child safety seat. Yet it’s not that simple; this child safety seat, you see, is bulletproof. No, really. The shell of the seat is formed from Kevlar, and the back is then clad in carbon fiber. The front, meanwhile, is upholstered in a combination of a shiny gold crocodile hide called “Kolonial Touch” and a burgundy Nappa leather known as “Luxpel” (Yes, we happen to think the latter sounds like the name of a rapper and the former the name of his latest album, too…). Apparently it also has a massage function and iDevices support, presumably so the former can be controlled remotely.


No word how much Dartz is charging for this thing, or if they’ll even make any more examples than the one seen here, but one thing is for certain: Whoever’s occupying this seat wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth; it was a diamond-encrusted platinum one.

Source: Dartz