Cutworm Specialties hot rod pickup

Cutworm Cool: These Scratchbuilt Hot Rods Raise the Bar [Video]

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Back whenhot rodswere a new idea, there weren’t dozens of companies out there from which to buy the parts you needed. Instead, you had to make them yourself with whatever skills, tools, materials and other resources you happened to have at your disposal. In other words, the firsthot rodswere as much about craftsmanship and engineering as they were aesthetics.

North Carolina nativeJeb Greenstonecan certainly appreciate those additional appeals of the early rods. After all, he built the aluminum-bodied replica of aFord Model A pickupseen in this video from scratch. And while the creations emerging fromCutworm Specialties(Cutworm being the nickname of Jeb’s grandfather, who owned the building the company calls home.) might feature many design cues found in “rat rods” (i.e. radically chopped, channeled and sectioned bodies and barren interiors), the amount of time and effort that goes into creating them turns such a label into an insult.

Source: YouTube