CUT48 Carwrapping Mercedes-Benz SLR Makes A Strong Statement

CUT48 Carwrapping Mercedes-Benz SLR

CUT48 Carwrapping are specialists who, first and foremost, focus on high-performance vehicles. Operating out of Munster, Germany, the company prides itself on its selection and color coordination process as well as the precision of their wrapping; they use only the highest-quality foils when applying their craft.

In order to showcase their talents, they selected this Mercedes-Benz SLR tuned by Edo Competition. Mods include remapping the EDU, adding sport air filters, new sport catalytic converters, modified compressors, a new stainless steel exhaust system and a modified intake system. These tweak allow the SLR to output 722hp from its hand-built engine. This is a nice boost from the stock figure of 626hp. Torque also receives a huge increase from 580 lb-ft to 656 lb-ft of twist. Top speed is electronically limited to 214hp (you know, for ‘safety’ reasons).

CUT48 Carwrapping Mercedes-Benz SLR

Okay so back to the wrapping… CUT48 uses blue and black gloss foil applied over the original silver paint to create this stunning look. This particular job will run you 4,350 EUR or approximately $5,800 USD.

Source: CUT48 / Edo Competition