1965 Buick Riviera custom

Coupe Dreams: Low and Slow in a ’65 Buick Riviera [Video]

[youtube width=”960″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taRFXBYAZso[/youtube]

From 1963 to 1999 (though it did take the 1994 model year off), theBuick Rivieraserved as the brand’s fashion leader, combining snazzy coupe styling with peppy performance (in most cases) and posh interior appointments. We’re partial to some generations more than others, but they’re all distinctive, even compared to otherBuicksof the same vintage. We just hope any future Rivieras (assuming they happen) are a bit less distinctive than the two most recent concepts to come out of GM’s Chinese studio.

Anyway, the first generation Riv (1963 to ’65) arguably remains the most iconic generation of Riviera. And with handsome, European-like styling and torqueyNailhead V8power, why wouldn’t it be? Okay, maybe you prefer matte black paint, black wire wheels and a slammed stance. In that case, this customize 1965 Riviera has got you covered. Still have an excuse? Well, maybe you’re beyond help. Sorry ‘bout that.

Source: YouTube | eGarage