Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watches Prove Time is Money

Few things do a better job of notifying the world that you possess a large quantity of legal tender than wearing stuff that’s actually made with legal tender. Sure, clothing and accessories that incorporate money into their construction can be gaudy if done wrong, but if done right – like the latest coin-faced watches from Swiss watchmaker Corum – they can actually be rather tasteful.

The Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watches, as this newest collection is called, come in three distinctive flavors: The U.S. Silver Eagle Dollar (priced at $13,800), the Israel Special Edition (built around a silver coin commemorating that country’s 25th anniversary, and also priced at $13,800), and the U.S. Gold Double Eagle (priced at $23,000). All three use a CO 082 automatic movement, and all three have crowns that make artful use of a gemstone (a 0.17 carat sapphire on the Silver Eagle and a 0.17 carat diamond on the Gold Double Eagle and Israel Special Edition). Couple all that with alligator leather straps and you have creations that are as adept at being conversation pieces as they are timepieces.

Source: Corum