Corum Admiral Legend 42 Watches Say Ahoy

If you’re a boating geek, there’s a good chance you want other people to know about it. However, many landlubbers consider wearing captain’s hats and other nautical paraphernalia far from the marina to be a fashion faux pas (at least on days other than October 31st). But what if you could display your seafaring proclivities in a less obnox…er, conspicuous manner? Well, thanks to Swiss watchmaker Corum, you can.

The Corum Admiral Legend 42 and Admiral Legend 42 Chronograph watches both boast a 42mm dodecagonal (that’s 12-sided, for those of you not up on your geometry lingo) case; the standard model is water resistant to 50 meters (164 feet) and features an automatic Corum caliber CO395 movement, while the chronograph is water resistant to 30 meters (98 feet) and is run by an in house caliber CO984. No word yet on pricing or production numbers for either model, but Corum should nevertheless be commended for creating these tasty timepieces.

Source: Corum

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