Copern Yacht by Dani Santa is a Seafaring Spaceship


When it comes to yachts, we’re firm believers in the idea that designers should be pushing the aesthetic envelope and taking risks. After all, car design has evolved a great deal in the last 50 years, so why can’t the same happen for big, luxurious boats? It looks like Dani Santa is asking the same question.


Mr. Santa, you see, is a transportation design student from Barcelona, Spain who dreamt up the classy concept craft called the Copern you see here. It measures 50 meters long and 9 meters wide (or about 164’ long by 29.5’ wide) but thanks to the smooth, flowing lines that Santa says were inspired by nature, it doesn’t look nearly that massive. But because it is so massive, it has plenty of room for plenty of creature comforts you’d expect to find on a luxury yacht, including a sundeck with a rigid cover and a hot tub. Maybe function doesn’t have to follow form after all…

Source: Dani Santa