Comparison Shopping Tools: ‘FindTheBest’ Offers Fresh Approach

'FindTheBest' Comparison Tool

The internet is a wonderful place for gearheads. The modern-day web is full of sites that provide great information and mouthwatering images of both cars and motorcycles alike. But when the time comes for you to stop ogling that Veyron and actually consider a purchase, it can often be difficult to narrow your options and settle on the car or bike that is best for you.

Luckily, there are now useful tools online that let users compare cars and motorcycles. Both of these comparisons offer a range of filters based on important metrics (price, fuel economy, horsepower, etc.), so that users can quickly and efficiently identify options that work for them.

Find the Best: Car Comparison

Comparing Cars: This comparison tool allows you to search for cars and compare potential options based on the type of car, price, and gas mileage that you want. Looking for a 2013 sedan that costs less than $35,000? Select the appropriate check-boxes on the left side of the page and eliminate the results that don’t fit those criteria. Or maybe you’re interested in a finding an option that has 300+ horsepower and still gets 25 miles per gallon. Simply set the appropriate sliders or, if you would prefer, there is a chart available that compares horsepower vs. fuel economy.

Find the Best: Compare Motorcycles

Comparing Motorcycles: Similar to the cars comparison, this tool offers a range of useful filters to help you find options that best fit your needs. In addition to price and horsepower, the motorcycle comparison provides information on both weight and engine displacement. Additionally, there are manufacturer-specific directories available. If you’re a loyal Ducati rider, simply select the Ducati directory and set the filters to meet your specifications.

Once you have settled on new car or bike and made a purchase, there are some additional tools available that can help you save time and money. For instance, you can use the car insurance (or motorcycle insurance) tool, to determine the best coverage for your new ride.