This Yacht Doles out Responsible Luxury

While motor yachts are, by their nature, not the most economical means of getting around, that isn’t stopping some shipyards from building big boats that do more with less. The latest creation of Columbus Yachts – the M/Y Divine – is a prime example of this burgeoning movement. The 40 meter (131.2’) yacht, which is part of the company’s Sport Hybrid series, features an all-aluminum hull with an imposing, nearly-vertical bow which, along with the diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system, can push it through the waves at up to 20 knots.

The ecological-awareness doesn’t stop with the drive system, though. The interior (which accommodates 10 guests and 8 crew members) is decked out in FSC-certified wood trim, and areas upholstered in leather are colored using non-toxic water-based dyes. That being said, the Divine’s cabin certainly won’t be mistaken for a yurt at a Humboldt County co-op, as many of the modern comfort, convenience and tech features you’d expect in a luxury yacht are present. Don’t believe us, or the pictures we’ve included? Fine. Get your butt to Monaco for the principality’s annual yacht show in late September and judge for yourself.

Source: Columbus Yachts