Classified Moto BW650 is Big on Tires and Fun

Usually, motorcycles – much like cars – are either great off road and so-so on road, or great on-road and horrendous off road. The fine folks at Classified Moto decided to do something about that, so they created the balloon-tire beast you see here. Based on a 1996 Honda XR650L but inspired by the Yamaha BW200 that served as Classified Moto co-founder John Ryland’s very first motorcycle, the BW650 is a party platter of ready-made and custom-fabricated (including that stylish waxed canvas and leather seat) parts that is supposedly as much at home cruising along the highway (Yes, it’s fully street legal, right down to those puffed-up STI Black Diamond tires.) as it is ripping over sand dunes. Alas, this particular custom creation is not for sale, though we assume Classified Moto would gladly take your money and produce something similar for you in return.

Source: Classified Moto