Citroen GT Jumps Out of Gran Turismo For PS3 and into Reality? (VIDEO)

GTbyCitroen in Londom

Last year, at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, the GTbyCitroen was unveiled in concert with the folks from Polyphony Digital, the creators of the award winning Sony PlayStation game Gran Turismo 5. This far-out ride came about from a collaboration between Citroen designer Takumi Yamamoto and Kazunoria Yamauchi, the head of Polyphony Digital. The Citroen GT was the fruit of their labor but was only supposed be a virtual car for the video game itself and never actually destined for the road.

GTbyCitroen Concept

As things progressed, Citroen decided to present a single one-off concept car in Paris. It was determined then that the GTbyCitroen would never enter production. However, due to strong interest, it now looks like the French automaker will release a limited run of GTbyCitroen cars. Reports suggest that anywhere from six to fifteen vehicles (depending on the source) will be produced at a cost of £1.1 million ($1.8 million USD). And just recently the Citroen GT was filmed cruising around London, creating quite a stir and shutting down parts of the city. However, actual imagery and virtual shots from the game are carefully interwoven in order to blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

Citroen GT in London

There is still plenty of mystery and intrigue surrounding the Citroen GT. Top Gear has reported that Citroen is claiming that the GT performed parade laps at the Nurburgring and Le Mans 24 Hour races but nobody has seen hide nor hair of the French exotic. And the GTbyCitroen by was supposed to perform the Hill Climb at the 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed, but didn’t make an appearance there either. So, only time will tell what’s truly going to happen but let’s look forward to a showing at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show in September and hope for an official announcement.

Source: AutoExpress | Top Gear | CarsUK