Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1.3 is High on Style and Price

Like any business, Chopard exists to make money. However, that doesn’t mean it lacks an appreciation for the trade in which it plies its craft (read: making watches). In fact, it has gone so far as to set up a separate brand for some of its more creative and artful designs: Chronométrie Ferdinanad Berthoud, named for a famed Swiss watchmaker of days gone by. And the new Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1.3 is certainly worthy of the name.

The 44 mm wide by 13 mm thick octagonal platinum case (which is affixed to the wrist by a black alligator leather strap) looks dynamite…and that’s before you get to what’s inside it! There you’ll find the result of about six years of development: The caiber FB-T.FC, a 790-piece movement packing such goodies as a 60-second tourbillon, flying fusée and 53 hours of power reserve. All in all, there’s a lot to like about this watch…which is probably why CFB is charging a lot: $260,400.

Source: Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud