Chill out with Formula 1 Legends and Fresh Moods’ “My Face” [Video]

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Considering the name and nature ofchill out music(the relaxed, almost ethereal subgenre ofelectronica), it seems counterintuitive to pair a song that fits that category with footage from what was arguably the most glamorous – and dangerous – period in the history ofFormula 1racing. Yet that’s exactly what the folks behindFresh Moods, a limited edition reissue of a chill out compilation LP of the same name, did. The gentle, meandering rhythms and gentle (compared to more aggressive electronic music subgenres likedubstepandtrance) “instrumentals” and “vocals” actually mesh with the sinewy, largely unclutteredF1cars of the late-‘60s and early-‘70s. And the kaleidoscope of vibrant colors doesn’t hurt, either.

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