Chateau de Promentheaux is a Historic Swiss Stunner

The shores of Lake Geneva are home to some beautiful, big, old and, oh yeah, expensive homes. Every now and then one of them comes up for sale, and the battle to buy this particular residence, Chateau de Promentheaux on the lake’s Swiss (i.e. north) shore just outside the town of Prangins, is likely to be fiercer than most. The four-story, 14,000 square foot mansion was built on a 9.1 acre lakefront lot (with its own private harbor that should be able to accommodate a moderately sized yacht…or two) way back in 1896 for Jean-Philippe Worth, son of Charles Frederick Worth, the fashion designer widely credited with launching the haute couture movement. The chateau features eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, multiple kitchens, a library and separate living quarters for the hired help.

Chateau de Promentheaux will be auctioned off on June 15th, with an expected hammer price of just over $49 million. That’s a mighty big number, but a might nice property, too.

Source: Concierge Auctions